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PriMa European-Rail Markets 02/2013

The frequency of railways – 100 years of 16 2/3 Hertz  Railway Electricity

Not what the most readers expect, in terms of railway electricity, the history wasn´t written in the USA at  Grand Central Manhattan. The era of 16 2/3 began in Germany.  
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PriMa European-Rail Markets 01/2013

Reducing Railway Noise – Noise reduction with wheel and rail dampers

This excitation is caused by the total amount of microscopic irregularities of the travelling surface of wheels and railtracks (cumulative roughness)
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PriMa European-Rail Markets 04/2012

Service and Practice - Understanding customer needs

Whether in freight traffic, depots, the area of financing and insurance or the provision of personnel services and railway vehicles:
Business-to-Business-Selling (B2B) prevails in the railway industry.
Additionally, railway workshops are increasing their use of modern sales structures when marketing their workshop services.
This cover story describes on two examples how B2B really works.
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PriMa European-Rail Markets 03/2012

Reaching for the Summit - Railway technology developed in the Alpines

In the last few decades, the companies of the railway industry in both Switzerland and Austria have made names for themselves worldwide. Some of the most efficient, top-quality railway vehicles were developed in Alpine countries.
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PriMa European-Rail Markets 02/2012

The principles of partnership

On one hand, homogeneous fleets are desirable in order to spread development and approval costs over a large number of vehicles. On the other hand, requirements made on the vehicles are highly varied....
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PriMa European-Rail Markets 01/2012

175 years Railway in Austria

Hardly had the rail been discovered transport, when a real boom started in the second half of the 19th century...
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