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PriMa European-Rail Markets 06/2011

Infrastructure and Railway Engineering

Rail infrastructure is an expensive but durable asset. This longevity is necessary to keep railway costs within limits.
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European Edition of Privatbahn Magazin

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European Edition of Privatbahn Magazin 05/2011

15,000 volts – the future of traction power

With the energy transition and the decision in favour of a nuclear power phase-out by 2022, the rail as a mode of transport is faced with a great challenge. read more

Special: financing and leasing for rail transport companies

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European Edition of Privatbahn Magazin 04/2011

Train country Switzerland - Late starter, but fast runner

The rapid expansion of the Swiss rail network only started in the 1980s. read on

Interview of Privatbahn Magazin with German Federal Minister Dr. Peter Ramsauer

Subject: International railway traffic competition situation
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ICx by Siemens

Up to 30 percent less energy, 20 tons less weight, improved aerodynamics and flexible design of train configurations using Powercars. read more

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European Edition of Privatbahn Magazin 03/2011

The glass wheel rim: optimised maintenance cycles with RFID

Alpine Countries: Starian State Railwayss

Transport policy: Interview with Dr. Anton Hofreiter

China: The world‘s most dynamic rail market

In 2011 alone, 93.8bn euros are to be invested, of which 77.3bn are for new lines, 13.9bn for the purchase of rolling stock, and 2.6bn for renovation and modernisation.
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European Edition of Privatbahn Magazin 02/2011

150 years of screw coupling

Putting the brakes on innovation in European rail freight transport
This year, screw coupling is experiencing its 150-year anniversary. However, this is not a reason to celebrate: manual coupling of freight waggons and the connection of pneumatic lines for brakes prevent innovation, cost effectiveness and safety in rail freight transport.
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European Edition of Privatbahn Magazin 01/2011

The 59th UITP World Congress and Exhibition


Europe and the Arabian Peninsula compared

Environmental problems, congestion and parking shortages in cities hinder their development. ... more

Post-fossil mobility is more than electric mobility

Mobility is a basic requirement. ... more

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